Selena Gomez ‘can’t wait’ for tour

Selena Gomez ‘couldn’t be more excited’ to hit the road again on her forthcoming concert tour.

The Come & Get It singer-and-actress announced she will be performing internationally on a series of shows that kick off this summer.Selena is eager to get on stage.

‘I couldn’t be more excited to tour again but this time around the world,’ she released in a statement to USA Today.

‘This has been such an interesting few months. My music has grown and I want my fans to see a new side of me. Can’t wait to see y’all on the road!’

Selena has had a busy year thus far.The star released her new indie movie Spring Breakers in March and she is completing work on her upcoming album due to be released this summer.

Selena has spoken before about how she is actively transforming her musical sound.

‘This is the hardest I’ve ever worked on any album I’ve ever done. I recorded about 23 songs, and I picked 11,’ she told MTV News recently.

‘So we put all the album together, and I really wanted it to be a different level for me.

Selena’s concert tour will commence on August 14 in Vancouver, Canada.She will also visit the United States, Europe and Russia.


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