Christina Hendricks: I look like Scooby Do character

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Christina Hendricks feels like ‘Daphne from Scooby Doo’ in this season’s Mad Men costumes.

The actress stars as Joan Harris in the series that has captured the hearts of viewers partly as a result of the brilliant ’60s-style fashion.

Christina described how the costumes have evolved in the show to correspond with the changing styles of the decade.

Since you guys have seen it, it is definitely groovier. My outfit in that first episode, I feel like Daphne from Scooby Doo,’ she joked to Collider. ‘There’s a lot of Scooby Doo outfits. I think the men’s fashion this year is standout.’

Christina has praised Mad Men’s costume designer Janie Bryant for the gorgeous outfits. She admitted her own dress sense has been affected by playing Joan since 2007.

‘I have definitely been very influenced by Joan in my real life, as you can see by my pencil skirt today. Janie Bryant, our costume designer, does an extraordinary job and the fashion is definitely changing. We are moving along in the ’60s,’ she explained. ‘I think Joan has a bit of a consistency, not only to her character, but to what she knows works for her and what she likes. She is definitely someone who reads fashion magazines and moves with the trends, but she definitely knows what works for her.’

Christina starred in Ryan Gosling’s movie Drive in 2011. She loved the costume Ryan sported [a leather jacket with scorpion motif on the back] so much that she wouldn’t think twice about donning a similar style herself.

‘I wanted one of the… Diesel was going to do the Scorpion jackets and something fell through, but I still want one of those,’ she gushed. You can get variations of them online ‘Really? I could deal with a variation. I want to rock it. I want to wear it around town. Maybe if you were in the movie, it’s weird. People will be like, ‘Let it go Christina. That was so last year.”


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