Allison Williams: My style evolves

Allison Williams believes personal style should not be influenced by ‘external factors’.

The 24-year-old Girls actress doesn’t have a signature look nailed just yet and thinks it will develop in time.Allison hailed Grace Kelly as someone whose fashion sense she admires, as she is drawn to classic and feminine looks.

‘Personal style is something that is so subjective. It should be natural and innate… not forced by any external factors. I like to think my personal style is always evolving, always changing to reflect who I am and where I am in my life,’ she reflected to

Allison recently signed up as the face of Simple Skincare.

She has spoken about the partnership with the beauty brand before, saying their products are perfect for her sensitive skin.The pretty brunette enjoys experimenting with her make-up and is always equipped to freshen up her appearance on the go.

‘I like to think of myself as always prepared for any situation, which is why I have to have essential beauty elements in any bag I carry,’ Allison explained. ‘No girl can live without their favourite mascara and I’m no exception! I am a life-long devotee [of Original Chapstick] and I cannot possibly go anywhere without it. Period.’

The American star likes learning about cosmetics while on the set of her TV series. She’s interested in watching make-up artists complete their transformation of her face for the camera.

‘I love trying new beauty and skincare products. At work, I don’t have a lot of control over what is applied to my face in the make-up chair,’ she finished.

‘I am always interested to see what my make-up artist uses, but when I cleanse my skin at the start and end of every day, I want to be sure I’m using products that only contain skin-loving ingredients and do not contain anything that could be potentially harmful to my skin.’


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