Jude Law didn’t plan film career

Jude Law didn’t plan to have a career in film.The British actor never expected to make it in Hollywood when he was growing up in South London.

Jude named Daniel Day-Lewis’ My Beautiful Laundrette as being the film that changed his ambitions and influenced him to pursue work in the movie industry.

‘I never planned a career in film. I don’t know anyone who grew up in the 70s in Lewisham who did. It just wasn’t realistic. Theatre was. I grew up watching and loving film but it was this other world – movie stars were like Newman and Mitchum and McQueen. And then this amazing crop of actors – Tim Roth, Gary Oldman and Daniel Day-Lewis – came along,’ Jude revealed to British newspaper the Guardian. ‘Tim and Gary were round the corner from where I lived. That was very, very, very influential for me. I remember seeing Daniel Day-Lewis in My Beautiful Launderette and thinking: ‘Oh, film can be part of my world as well.”

By the time he was 30, Jude had starred in two Oscar-nominated films The Talented Mr Ripley and Cold Mountain. The 40-year-old actor is currently promoting his movie Side Effects, which sees Jude play a doctor. He admits feeling worried that he won’t be convincing in this part.

‘I’m 40! I’m an adult! Aren’t I?’ Jude questioned about his role. ‘But, part of me thinks I can’t play a doctor. Who would come to me?’

Jude denied that he has previously said his 40s would be ‘his’ decade. He hinted that he will be doing more serious roles in the future, as well as exploring other aspects of the film industry he has interests in.

I would never say that! Jesus God no way! I said I was optimistic about my 40s. The roles should get more complex. I look back and I’m proud of the work I’ve done but not fulfilled by it. I feel in some areas I’ve only scratched the surface,’ Jude continued. ‘I wouldn’t presume! But I do want to direct and I’ve got a novel I’m developing.’


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