Movie Review: ‘I Me Aur Main’ is a painful watch

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Cast: John Abraham, Chitrangda Singh, Prachi Desai

Director: Kapil Sharma

Rating: *1/2

On paper, the premise may have looked extremely neat about a commitment phobic guy just interested in having a good time between the sheets. But as the reels unfold, things get so bedraggled that you get distracted easily from what’s going on.

You start noticing the protagonist Mr Commitment Phobic’s (John) collection of tees and how many times he squints a smile and crinkles his face – his trademark. It could have been fun and maybe the writer (Devika Bhagat) had jotted something but its screenplay and execution by the debutant director makes it lacking.

Mr Commitment Phobic declares to his Ms Live-in Girlfriend (Chitrangda) that he will not pay the milkman as he only has black coffee. Perhaps this declaration should have been for the audience too -pay and watch at your own risk! As he is a mama’s boy as soon as Ms Live-In Girlfriend dumps him, his mother (Zarina Wahab) arrives to look after him in his new neighbourhood. No sooner he befriends a Ms Chirpy Neighbour (Prachi).

Things unfold as you wonder what the characters actually do. Mr Commitment Phobic is part of the music industry, at least that’s clear. While Ms Chirpy Neighbour has something to do with the fashion industry – thanks to that one scene of her being at a shoot. She even makes her own statement wearing only one earring!

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Meanwhile Ms Live In Girlfriend is someone well settled. She realises she is pregnant but does not want to tell Mr Commitment Phobic.

Enter his sister (Mini Mathur) to knock sense into his head as well as of their mother. Suddenly Ms Chirpy Neighbour wants to take off for Paris with Mr Commitment Phobic. But by now he is making amends, rushing his girlfriend to the hospital for delivery and even giving a speech to the newborn (who looks overage).

The only thing worth watching in this trite film is the stylist’s work as the main characters step out in their trendy best. In the credits roll is the name of Vicky Donor writer Juhi Chaturvedi as creative consultant.

Perhaps she was not consulted to the fullest to save Mr Commitment Phobic to live up to his ‘I am the best’ lingo he continuously mouths in the film.

Considering the publicity blitzkrieg around Prachi Desai’s character in I Me Aur Main being a hairstylist, the actress is not even for a nanosecond shown anywhere being close to it. The actress had claimed to have prepared extensively for the role and even apparently chopped women’s hair as part of the promotions. Was it all snipped out or her character was simply shorn off it?


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