Britney Spears’ mom ‘gives style advice’

Britney Spears’ mother is reportedly unhappy with the singer’s laid back style and has suggested that she hire a live-in stylist.

Although the popstar always looks polished at events and on the television, she is often photographed dressed in less glamorous attire during her daily life. A source has revealed that Britney’s mom, Lynne Spears, is taking it upon herself to make sure the 31-year-old always leaves the house looking her best.

‘Lynne’s suggesting she [Britney] has a live-in make-up artist and stylist from now on,’ the insider told UK magazine Heat. ‘She thinks being pictured looking a mess all the time could affect Britney’s reputation.’

Britney recently split from her fiancé Jason Trawick and it has been suggested that she is not taking the breakup very well.

Jason served as the singer’s co-conservator and helped make many decisions about her life. Some believe this may be part of the cause for Britney’s recent laid back  style choices.

‘Britney was a child star and has been looked after since day one,’ a music insider explained. ‘When she’s not on stage or on a project she seems to fall back into bad ways.’

Britney has reportedly told friends she sometimes ‘forgets to shower’ and wears her hair up because she ‘can’t be bothered to brush it’.

The blonde icon has recently undergone a hair makeover. The popstar was seen sporting luscious brunette locks last weekend at Elton John’s Oscars viewing party.



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