Julianne Hough: Safe Haven improv was scary

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Julianne Hough admits that before filming Safe Haven she only got improvisational ‘in acting classes.’The actress and professional dancer stars opposite Josh Duhamel in the latest Nicholas Sparks romantic drama.

Julianne’s most recent movie roles in Footloose and Rock of Ages showcased her dancing talents.In her first major leading role as actress, the star confesses that she had to face a number of novel career challenges.

‘It was extremely scary because everything I’ve done has always been very staged,’ Julianne told Collider.

‘With a live performance, you know exactly where you’re going to stand, for the right camera shot. With these musicals, it’s all pre-recorded and you do certain things. It was scary! I’d never done anything that was improvised, except for in acting classes. But, it’s different when you’re in a huge movie and you’re being told that you can do whatever you want.’

Julianne reveals that she is maturing quite rapidly as an actress due to the professional challenges she is taking on.

‘It was also really cool because it helped me grow so much faster than I would have, if I did another thing where it was like, ‘Here’s what you’re saying, and that’s it. Do not go off page.’ ‘ she explained.

‘Right before this movie, I did a Diablo Cody film [her directorial debut, Paradise], where her writing is very specific with certain inflections and an ‘and’ or an ‘or’ can really change the tone of it. So, I went from one to the other. But, I actually really enjoy improvising because there’s something about feeling the realness. Sometimes you have to think about what you’re going to say, in real life, so when you see that thought process going on in a movie, it feels real and looks real.’

Safe Haven will hit US theatres on Valentine’s Day.



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