Lindsay Lohan ‘obsessed with surgery’

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Lindsay Lohan is apparently becoming increasingly conscious about how her face looks.

The 26-year-old troubled actress appeared to be trying to hide her swollen face under a floppy hat at a Los Angeles airport last week. Onlookers claimed Lindsay’s lips looked inflated and there are fears she may be having too many cosmetic treatments as she struggles with her appearance.

‘Lindsay’s always been very conscious of how her face looks. She started having Botox and fillers in her early 20s, but has become more and more obsessed with them. She goes to different clinics so she can ‘double-up’ on treatments, getting twice as much as medically advised,’ a source told British magazine Closer. ‘Lindsay hates how she looks now and knows it’s all her fault. She said she can’t bear to look in the mirror. Surgeons told her years ago that she shouldn’t mess with her face until she was at least 35, but she didn’t listen.’

Lindsay allegedly had a boob job when she was 17 and is believed to have confided in friends that she thinks she looks ten years older than she is.It has been reported the actress is considering another facial procedure.

‘She’s told pals she’s even having an extremely invasive type of laser treatment, in a bid to get rid of her freckles,’ a source revealed. ‘That, coupled with her love of tanning, has made her skin blotchy. The more work she had, the more she wanted, and now she’s paying the price.’

Cosmetic surgeon Alex Karidis believes Lindsay must take more care with her appearance and think seriously before she has any work done.

‘Lindsay’s in danger of ruining her looks for good. She appears to have had Botox in her forehead and fillers in her lips and cheeks,’ Alex told the magazine. ‘It looks as though she’s had fillers injected upon fillers and this build-up can create a really puffy look. There’s no reversal button with these procedures – her face will never return to how it used to be.’


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