Jonathan Saunders sacrifices everything for shows

1_1282606Jonathan Saunders happily ‘sacrifices his health’ for his fashion shows.

The British designer is gearing up to show his latest collection at London Fashion Week on Sunday February 17. Runway presentations get his blood pumping, with Jonathan admitting there is no room for anything else in his life when he is preparing for one.

‘I love that world – the venue – seeing clothes on the models and creating the whole buzz. You live and breathe it and everything – even your health- gets sacrificed,’ he told the latest edition of British magazine InStyle. ‘I’d love to be the kind of designer who does a perfect, full-colour sketch and for the end result to come out looking exactly like that, but it’s not what happens. When you start putting fabrics together, often they don’t come together as you thought they would. There’s an instantaneous aspect of doing a collection that is not only exciting, but probably quite surprising to a lot of people.’

Jonathan always thinks he knows which of his pieces are going to be popular, but every season he is surprised.

He can vividly remember attending a trunk show – when designers show off their collections – and spotting a woman in her 20s picking up a metallic skirt. He then saw a woman who was 40 years older going for the same pieces, showing he can never be totally sure which items will speak to his clientele.

The designer is surrounded by women in his everyday life, which helps him come up with his collections.

‘I constantly watch how people dress. It’s what drives me – I need to learn from women,’ he explained. ‘After all, I’m a man, at the end of the day. My best friend Evie is my managing director and I always look at how she dresses; then Greta, my assistant, has a different eye and dresses in a completely different way.’


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