(Twilight star) Nikki Reed: Travel keeps my marriage hot


Nikki Reed credits globetrotting with keeping her marriage to Paul McDonald ‘exciting and romantic’.

The Twilight star married the American Idol contestant in 2011.Nikki and Paul both have active careers that see them perform and appear all around the world.

The actress loves how their professional pursuits enhance their personal relationship.’It’s pretty easy to keep things exciting with him and I because there’s so much fun travel,’ Nikki told the American edition of OK! magazine.’It feels romantic when we’re sent off to all these cool, remote little cities all around the world to promote the film or tour and do music stuff, so I feel like the romance is kept alive through all the things we get to do together, supporting each other’s work.

‘We did a fun tour together in Scotland and Ireland. We got to sing for a lot of people there. We always take a moment to explore the towns and cities that we’re in — even if it’s just for 24 hours, we like to go have a romantic dinner at the recommended restaurants in the city.The couple recorded duet All I’ve Ever Needed for Breaking Dawn – Part 2.Nikki and Paul are currently working on an album together.

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