Jessica Chastain: I love dressing up













Jessica Chastain is most attracted to movie roles that involve dressing up in fancy costumes.

The actress explained how important it is for her to mix up the acting work she accepts so she gets the chance to present herself under a variety of different guises.

Jessica explained her favourite part of being an actress is going from stage production to movies, dressed up as someone else.

‘I never want to get bored. [In my Broadway debut The Heiress I play a socially awkward virgin], I wear a prosthetic nose,’ Jessica told W magazine. ‘I learned how to put it on myself. I like the ritual. I love wigs, I love costumes; I love anything that will get me into the character.’

The red-haired beauty has become a firm favourite on the fashion radar as a result of her impeccable appearance at public events. The style chameleon admitted she prefers a no-make-up, laidback look when she isn’t doing a promotional event. Just as she can turn on the Hollywood glamour for a big red carpet show, Jessica proved she has a natural flair for dressing, opting for an understated outfit, finished off with a statement oversized leopard print scarf during her interview with the publication.


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